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What is Burn 24-7?

A collision of vertical worship and the great commission. 

As a movement of the bride of Christ returning back to her first love, The Burn, is diverse in expression, non-denominational in affiliation, simple in focus, and missional in practice. Burn “furnaces” host monthly, weekly or sometimes daily sessions of unending worship, prayer and adoration; lasting anywhere from 3 hours to 100 hours nonstop of various worship and prayer teams taking shifts

as the “watchmen on the walls.”

Kindle: Community wide, Student Led Youth/ Young Adult Prayer and Worship

                                                                                                          @ the "CPR" Tuesdays at 7pm


For more information:


Call or Text: Jeremy Bradford 828-736-5883

Find us on Facebook: Burn 24/7 Smokies

"CPR" Community Prayer Room

236 Cunningham Rd

Suite 7

Franklin, NC 28734